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Published: 22nd Nov 2008

The following reading was read at Ollyís funeral and printed on the inside of the service booklet  :

I must look to the open road to the wide open spaces and the sky,and all I need is a two wheeled steed and along with the wind I shall fly. My mindís eye sees the ride home, through a magical kingdom, sleepy hamlets twisting and turning, then the final stretch following the shore with the sound of the sea nearby. What are we, to many we are untidy, troublesome and frightening, to be avoided and kept at armís length. Should another dare to show an interest their peers say "steer clear, leave well alone, for only trouble will come of them". How little do they know, for within us is a desire to share with all, the freedom, love and warmth of the way we choose to live our lives. Why do they fear us and loath us, how little do they understand. The only message we can give is the truth so simple yet so fundamental. We interfere with no one, wish no harm or ill to anybody, if we cannot share with enthusiasm what we have , all we ask is to leave us be and all will be as it should, we will coexist with the rest of mankind and be at one with nature as we have always been. Of the future we have hope, a road out of the darkness that currently shadows us. Bound by an unbreakable bond, road sweepers, lawyers, lecturers, police officers, tinkers and tailors. A sense of belonging, two wheels and the long open road. We are relatively few, but together as brothers we shall stand united, undivided and unconquered. We must begin the journey home to where each of us can be eternally free, for me it begins with that long winding road through a magical kingdom to end in that land by the sea. Where gentle breezes blow, the setting sun casts a warm red glow and moonbeams dance over the lapping waves. So we must look to the long open road, to the faithful two wheeled mount, together we are one, brothers united, and along with the wind we shall fly.

A Biker

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